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Cardio Clear 7 Reviews – Are added ingredients natural? Can it also support your heart function? Check out my Cardio Clear 7 Reviews to know more facts now!

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Cardio Clear 7 Supplement

What is the Cardio Clear 7 Supplement?

Cardio Clear 7 dietary supplement supports heart health, improves the production of the new mitochondria, protects the central nervous system and decreases the risk of having heart attacks, diabetes, strokes and other cardiovascular health complications.

Studies show that the statistics of people dying to hear from cardiovascular have increased and these are mostly due to heart and blood circulation issues.

An unhealthy lifestyle such as bad eating habits, stress or the lack of exercise can be big factors that affect your heart health.

Unfortunately, people still continue living in unhealthy ways and fail to realize that they are putting themselves at risk.

This is why the Cardio Clear 7 supplement aims to help people maintain and regulate the blood pressure and blood sugar in their bodies.

It contains a rich amount of antioxidants that cleanse the blood vessels and other toxins that block the arteries. Cardio Clear 7 provides maximum support for your heart or cardiovascular health.

It is formulated from natural ingredients that contain the right amount of dose for every nutrient it carries for increased efficiency.

The ground-breaking formula of Cardio Clear 7 already results in numerous health benefits for the body that it does not require users to create major lifestyle changes, perform intense workouts or follow a strict diet.

Cardio Clear 7 is formulated for the use of adult men and women who are ages 18 years old and above.

The supplement is made and manufactured in the USA, in a sterile facility that is FDA-registered and GMP certified.

It is also a non-GMO product which means there are no stimulants, synthetics or any artificial fillers added in the Cardio Clear 7 supplement that can pose as a threat to the health of the user.

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How does the formula of Cardio Clear 7 work?

The Cardio Clear 7 supplement works by supplying the body, especially your heart, arteries and blood vessels with the essential vitamins and minerals.

It starts by actively cleansing the body with the help of the antioxidants in the supplement. It eliminates the free radicals and oxidative stress in the body and allows improved blood and oxygen circulation.

Cardio Clear 7 then works on your thyroid gland and the insulin production of your body. It supports it to trigger a faster and natural weight loss effect in the body.

It allows a faster conversion of your carbohydrates to the energy you can burn and regulates the cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels to a healthy and normal range.

The mitochondria is responsible for your energy protection and play a vital role in keeping your heart healthy.

With Cardio Clear 7, the product puts a stop to your stress and slows down aging which are the factors that damage the mitochondria.

Cardio Clear 7 then supports the production of the new mitochondria which also increases the energy level and heart support of the user.

The oxidation of your body is improved, signs of aging are slowed down, your immune system is protected and Cardio Clear 7 ensures that your cardiovascular health is working at an optimal level.

These are all due to the CoQ10, PQQ and the main ingredient, Shilajit, working together.

It enhances your cellular regeneration, repairs damages and supports your heart health. You also will get to enjoy a quick, natural weight loss with these main ingredients combined.

How to take it?

Cardio Clear 7 recommends its users to take 1 tablet every morning. Since it is a dietary supplement, you are asked to take it daily and regularly.

Results do not happen overnight and it will take a few days of regular intake for users to start feeling the effects of Cardio Clear 7.

To experience the full, optimal benefits that the supplement promises, users should at least take Cardio Clear 7 for 2-3 months.

It is formulated for the use of 18 years old and above. According to the official website of Cardio Clear 7, the supplement is safe to take and there are no side effects that come with it.

However, for the safety of pregnant or nursing women, it is safer to ask your professional health worker first before taking the supplement to avoid unwanted reactions to health or body.

Cardio Clear 7 Ingredients

Ingredients used in the Cardio Clear 7 Supplement

It is amazing to think that Cardio Clear 7 can provide multiple health benefits yet uses only 3 main ingredients in its formulation.

The composition of the dietary supplement is already powerful enough that it does not require users to have lifestyle changes or does it need harmful chemicals or toxins to increase its efficiency.

Let’s take a look at the list of ingredients that Cardio Clear 7 uses to support your health.

  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) provides great support to your heart health. It works to regulate the Cardio Clear 7 user’s cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It reduces the risks of heart diseases. CoQ10 also supports your brain functions and provides relief from fatigue, stress and more. The ingredient can also increase energy levels and fix damages in your respiratory system.
  • PQQ Disodium Salt or Pyrroloquinoline Quinone is a water-soluble quinone compound that houses a lot of antioxidants that clean the body. It repairs damages in your cells and nerves. It improves the thyroid gland’s health and also supports the production of the new mitochondria. PQQ can prevent inflammation and trigger a faster weight loss process in the body. It also lowers the risk of diabetes and other heart diseases.
  • Shilajit extract can protect your cardiovascular health. It carries a nutrient that is called fulvic acid that helps the breaking down of proteins and carbohydrates from the meals you eat. It reduces fatigue and increases the Cardio Clear 7 user’s energy levels. It can even improve sexual performance. The extract works well when combined with the other active ingredient CoQ10.

Other ingredients added in the Cardio Clear 7 dietary supplement are Cellulose, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Hydroxypropyl methyl Cellulose and Vegetable Stearic Acid.

The Cardio Clear 7 supplement is a GMO-free product that does not contain life-threatening ingredients and is also safe to take with no side effects.


When you purchase Cardio Clear 7, you get to enjoy 3 freebies that come with it. The Diabetes Loophole Book teaches you strategies on how to reverse diabetes without the need of supplements or injections.

The second freebie is the Belly Fat Furnace that can help you trim down your waistline and improve your body physique.

The last is the Conquering Chronic Pain Library where you uncover health secrets that provide relief to joints, knees and other chronic pains.

Without the freebies that Cardio Clear 7 offers, the dietary supplement proves to be a steal already. This is because of the amazing benefits it provides which are:

  • Maximum support to your health or cardiovascular health
  • Improved production of new mitochondria
  • Increased energy levels
  • Healthier cells
  • Slowed down signs of aging
  • Relief of joint, knees and chronic pains
  • Relief of stress and mental fatigue
  • Improved cognitive functions, memory, focus and sexual performance
  • Cleansed blood vessels and arteries with the help of antioxidants
  • Weight loss supports
  • Clearer complexion
  • Reduced risks of diabetes, stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular health complications

Another best feature about the Cardio Clear 7 dietary supplement is that it is safe to take and there are no side effects that come with it.

The ground-breaking formula it uses is already powerful enough to not require users to follow a strict diet or go into intense workouts.

Boost your self-confidence as you see your weight goes down. You get to enjoy the feeling of the pounds getting eliminated out of the body and see your waistline go down.

Cardio Clear 7 may focus on providing support on your cardiovascular health but it also contains effects that can support your overall health.

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Prices and Discounts

In just 2-3 months of regular intake, Cardio Clear 7 allows users to experience the optimal benefits it promises and it would be a good idea for you to continue taking the supplement regularly for 2 years.

You can purchase the Cardio Clear 7 dietary supplement in their official website. Here are their current price deals for you to choose from:

  • Basic Package – 1 month of supply – $39.95
  • Most Popular Package – 3 months of supply – $99.95
  • Best Value Package – 6 months of supply – $159.95

“I felt more energized and less fatigued.”

“I was experiencing some heart issues and I thought this might help. Well, within a few days I felt more energized and less fatigued. I didn’t need to take 2pm nap.

Cardio Clear 7 has certainly increased my overall well being. I don’t feel like I’m aging.”

– Renee Remington

“My blood pressure went down to 107/67.”

“I had water retention and swelling in my legs and feet. It was painful and it was difficult to get around. Nothing I tried helped.

Then my doctor mentioned she may have to increase my blood pressure meds and I started getting nervous. So I decided to try Cardio Clear 7.

Cardio Clear 7 helped reduce the swelling. I have fewer body aches and I move more easily.

My blood pressure went down to 107/67 plus I have less fatigue, more energy, and my memory is better too!”

– Clara P.

Conclusion – Is the Cardio Clear 7 Supplement worth trying?

If you would like to support your cardiovascular health, detoxify the body, get rid of the stubborn fats, experience weight loss, regulate your blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels, increase brain performance and support your overall health, then Cardio Clear 7 is definitely something you should not miss out on.

It provides multiple health benefits that can support your cardiovascular health, cognitive functions and even your sexual performance.

The Cardio Clear 7 supplement allows you to live a worry-free life as you are protected from diabetes, heart attacks and other heart diseases.

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